When We Say Clean, We Mean WOW!

Vacation Rental Property Owners need more than just a maid service, they need cleaning specialists who understand

the cleaning needs of vacation homes in preparation

for guests.

We ONLY work for short-term Vacation Rental 

Property Owners and pride ourselves on

creating clean, healthy, welcoming

environments for your guests. 

turnover services

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Guaranteed Expert Services At Affordable Prices

Hiring our vacation rental turnover specialists fits easily into any budget! Simply pass on the expense to your guests.


Guaranteed services included in each unit turnover:


  • Fresh linens on all beds - hotel standard bed-making

  • Check for wear-and-tear and clean/replace mattress pad, pillows, pillow protectors, sheets, and blankets

  • Remove trash and clean trash cans

  • Professional laundering of linens

  • Closets and dressers cleaned out

  • Ensure clocks are on correct time and outlets are available for phone charging

  • Check stereos, game systems, TVs, and remotes

  • Ensure closets are stocked with appropriate number of hangers, floor fans, extra blankets, and pillows in storage bin

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Knick-knacks, decor, light switch plates, tops of picture frames dusted

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors

  • Wipe windows and window sills

  • Removal of foreign markings on walls

  • Damage reporting

  • Staging


  • Shower/tub floors and walls cleaned

  • Toilets scrubbed and disinfected (inside, outside, under the front, around the base, and behind)

  • Bathroom faucets polished and disinfected

  • Wash tile walls

  • Dirty towels washed, folded, and neatly replaced - hotel standard

  • Check for wear-and-tear or stains on towels

  • Ensure shower curtains or doors are free of mold and water spots

  • Clean dust and debris on vents and fans

  • Clean and place hairdryer neatly under sink or in a drawer

  • Clean out drawers and cabinets

  • Mirrors wiped

  • Remove trash and clean trash cans

  • Toiletries restocked - body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash

  • Replenish toilet paper (2 rolls under the sink)

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Wipe windows and window sills

  • Removal of foreign markings on walls

  • Damage reporting

  • Staging

Special Areas

  • Game and entertainment rooms - cleaned & organized, make sure all board games, movies, and books are in good condition and neatly organized

  • Office - cleaned & organized

  • Laundry room - ensure washer and dryer are empty, wipe down machines and leave open, remove trash and clean trash cans, dryer lint trap cleaned, laundry soap restocked, ensure iron and ironing board are in place

  • Garage - dispose of all trash and recycling, sweep, ensure owner items are secure

  • Outdoor space - sweep porch and dust off entry doors, wipe off patio set and straighten, ensure cushions are in good conditions and out for next guests, wipe down grill, ensure grilling tools are clean, and that there is enough propane for next guest, ensure outdoor lighting works, ensure cigarette butts and pet scat have been removed


  • Load, run, and empty dishwasher

  • Scrub kitchen sink and countertops

  • Wipe table and chairs

  • Restock dish soap and hand soap

  • Put out clean dish towels, linen napkins, and a new sponge

  • Small kitchen appliances cleaned

  • Stovetop cleaned

  • Oven cleaned as needed

  • Inside of appliances – refrigerator, microwave, etc. – cleaned as needed

  • Check ice quantity and quality

  • Cabinets and cabinet drawers wiped as needed

  • Ensure dishes, utensils, pots and pans are clean and neatly put away

  • Removal of foodstuffs left by guests

  • Remove trash and recyclables

  • Clean and sanitize trash can and replace bag

  • Knick-knacks, decor, light switch plates, tops of picture frames dusted

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors

  • Wipe windows and window sills

  • Removal of foreign markings on walls

  • Damage reporting

  • Staging

Common Areas & Throughout

  • Report if smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are beeping

  • Check stereos, game systems, TVs, and remotes

  • Ensure "Welcome" book is in a visible place and in good condition

  • Check under cushions and couches for debris and other items

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Dust off A/C vents and grids

  • Wash interior windows and sliding glass doors

  • If applicable, check fireplace has no ashes and firewood is neatly stacked

  • Set thermostat to agreed-upon temperature

  • Close and lock all windows

  • Check for pest control service needs

  • Discard magazines that are 6+ months old

  • Discard paper plates, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and paper/plastic bags

  • Knick-knacks, decor, light switch plates, tops of picture frames dusted

  • Straighten decor like pillows, blankets, etc.

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors

  • Wipe windows and window sills

  • Removal of foreign markings on walls

  • Damage reporting

  • Staging


units up to 1,000 sq. ft


All services included


Up to 4 hours

units up to 1,500 sq. ft


All services included

2 vrts

up to 4 hours

Units over 1,500 sq. ft

Prices vary

all services included

2+ vrts

hours may vary

Should You Hire a vacation rental turnover specialist?


What does a Vacation Rental Turnover Specialist Do?

Our Vacation Rental Turnover Specialist's (VRTS) are experts at providing specialized cleaning services to meet the needs of vacation rental property owners.

We perform staging, cleaning, damage reporting, and restocking. We also offer concierge services and linen and towel services.

How do I know your company is doing a good job cleaning my beach vacation rental unit?

Our staff are uniquely trained and equipped to work alongside out-of-town and local vacation rental property owners. We take pictures of your home before we enter into a service agreement with you. We take pictures of any damage discovered upon arrival to your home on scheduled cleaning days. We also take pictures of your home once our unit turnover services are complete.


We are detail-oriented, trustworthy, and reliable. Each of our staff must pass a background check and accrue 120 hours of supervised training before moving on to manage and clean vacation units independently. 

We like to maintain consistency of service and will strive to send the same crew to your vacation rental unit for each service.

Why can't I just hire a maid service instead of a unit turnover specialist?

There are some maid services that say they can handle the special needs of vacation rental property owners, but they just don't have the attention to detail or quality of service. They miss the fine details that stand out to guests...

  • Fresh water bottles in the refrigerator

  • Neatly folded towels

  • Fluffed pillows

  • A delicately draped throw blanket

  • Perfectly staged dining table

  • Neatly stacked books

  • Dust-free faux plants

Our vacation rental turnover specialists are experts at cleaning. We are thorough and do a top-down clean every time.


We also understand that first impressions are lasting impressions. When it comes to vacation rentals, that means the difference between a 5-star review and a repeat traveler or a 2-star review and months spent recovering from it.

Don't risk your reputation and future business by hiring a cleaning service that doesn't specialize solely in vacation rentals. You wouldn't hire a mechanic to repair the upholstery in your SUV, don't hire a maid service to clean your beach vacation home for travelers.

House Cleaning vs. Short-term Rental Cleaning


What to expect when you hire a house cleaning service


When you hire a house cleaning service you get to choose how often and at what times your team comes to clean. Most professional cleaning services have flexible hours to meet your needs and many prefer to clean while you are not home so they don’t have to disturb you. The most common service schedule is a bi-weekly clean. The house cleaning professional will come to your home every two weeks at the agreed-upon time. A cleaning usually takes about 2 hours, depending on the size of your home.


The services offered for house cleaning typically include surface dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and sweeping and mopping the floors. The first-time cleaning service is often very detailed and costs more than scheduled cleaning services. You can ask for your cleaning team to do periodic deep cleans to include dusting ceiling fans, washing interior windows, wiping walls and baseboards, and cleaning out cabinets.


What to expect when you hire a turnover service


Hiring a turnover service provider requires a little bit of extra attention to detail and communication on your part because you want them there after each guest checks out. Maintain a shared calendar so your cleaning professional knows when guests are arriving and departing. Confirm times with them for each cleaning to make sure you are on the same page.


During a turnover cleaning service, the entire house is wiped down from top to bottom. Cleaning professionals who specialize in turnover services will often have a lengthy checklist of items they clean and tasks they perform...getting down as detailed as possible to include cleaning the lint trap on dryers, dusting picture frames, and setting alarm clocks ahead or behind for time changes.


A detailed turnover service could take anywhere from 2-4 hours. When you assign check-in and check-out times, be sure to give your cleaning professional at least four hours to complete the necessary cleaning tasks. Typical check-out is 11:00 a.m. and typical check-in is 4:00 p.m.


What are the differences between house cleaning and short-term rental cleaning


The greatest difference between house cleaning and short-term rental cleaning is the level of service provided at each appointment. A turnover service is much more detailed than a typical house cleaning service. For example, our company follows a rigorous 77-point cleaning checklist each and every time we clean a short-term rental property. Many turnover cleaning specialists will have a similar checklist. Be sure it covers all the items you want included. Ask about additional costs for exterior spaces, for example patios and pools.


As far as cost goes, a turnover service is essentially free, since you pass the cost on to your guests. Rates vary based on the size of your home and the number of cleaning professionals needed to complete the turnover in the time allotted between guests.


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