What are the Dirtiest Places in a Vacation Rental?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Successful vacation rental apartments have guests checking in and out on a regular basis. That means that germs are also checking in (but not out) on the regular. Make sure your vacation rental is clean, fresh, and germ free so each guest can enjoy their vacation.

Which rooms are the dirtiest?

The kitchen and bathroom are the dirtiest rooms in any home, but especially in a booked vacation apartment! Don't let the flu or a cold prevent your guests from fully enjoying your rental and the many attractions in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.

What's the best way to keep the kitchen clean?

What's the best way to keep the kitchen clean?

The dirtiest parts of the kitchen include:

  • cutting boards

  • coffee maker

  • refrigerator (inside and handles)

  • kitchen sink

  • counter tops

Make sure your turnover specialist cleans and disinfects cutting boards after each visit. A quick wash with soap and water and a hot water rinse should do the trick. Clean or descale the coffee maker at least monthly. A vacation rental turnover specialist will always clean out the refrigerator and freezer after guests leave. Make sure they clean the handles, too. The kitchen sink is dirtier than the bathroom toilet (true story). Clean and disinfect it after every guest.

Believe it or not, most guests want to keep your vacation rental condo clean. So, give them plenty of opportunity to do so.

  • Provide disinfectant wipes like Lysol or Chlorox. Leave them under the kitchen sink or in the cleaning pantry for guests to easily find and use.

  • Replace sponges often or microwave damp sponges for 1 minute to kill germs. This helps prevent the spread of germs.

What's the best way to keep the bathroom clean?

What's the best way to keep the bathroom clean?

The bathroom is another dirty room and well worth the extra effort to clean and disinfect after travelers check out. Attention to detail is the name of the game in the bathroom. Here are the places to pay attention to when cleaning up:

  • shower/tub floor and walls

  • drains

  • faucet handles

  • floor around the toilet

  • bath towels

Daytona Beach Vacation Rental Cleaners take pride in providing a sparkling clean bathroom for each new traveler checking in to your vacation rental home. We scrub tiled walls and flooring and make sure the drains are shiny and clean. Bathroom faucets and handles are disinfected and polished. The entire toilet is wiped down and the floor around is washed and disinfected.

Leave disinfectant wipes under the vanity for guests to spruce up and freshen up the sink as necessary during their stay.

Pro Tip: Use pure white towels in your vacation rental. This way they can be bleached and disinfected to remove musty smells, make-up, and other grime that may accumulate over time.

Where are the most germs found in a house?

Finally...don't forget to clean and disinfect the light switches, refrigerator handles, stove/range knobs, and the microwave handle. These areas get touched frequently and need to be disinfected after guests check-out.

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